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Crazy Time Casino

Crazy Time Casino Online! Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time casino game is the pinnacle of live entertainment within the casino world. The latest innovation in technology brings never seen before interactive bonus rounds, allowing the player to actively participate and decide the outcome. This makes Crazy Time the stand out game of a generation.

We have put together a selection of the Best Crazy Time Casinos in the USA. Each of these casino’s offers a generous welcome bonus. These casinos also host verified Evolution Gaming Live Casino lobbies so players can play Crazy Time USA online.

Find the best Crazy Time Live Casino from our list and start playing; don’t forget to head over to our strategy page to find the approach that suit’s you to boost your chances of hitting a bonus round and ultimately cashing out a profit.

Where to play Crazy Time in the USA?

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What is Crazy Time?

Its important to know what this new Live Casino Extravaganza is all about before you play Crazy Time online. Crazy Time is not just an ordinary online casino game. This is a game show and a popular slot machine with a Wheel mechanic similar to the famous Wheel of Fortune. The dealer spins a large upright wheel with 54 sectors. The goal is to guess the sector where the wheel stops at the end of its spin.

Crazy Time has quickly established itself as a game that is loved by players around the globe and consistently features on live casino sites and streaming platforms. In Crazy Time, the games are played by the dealers, creating an unrivalled real casino atmosphere allowing the player to fully immerse within the experience . The main difference between Crazy Time is that there are different bonus divisions representing individual mini-games that can aware large multiplier prizes to the winner if the higher end multipliers are achieved.

Basic Crazy Time Rules

The basic rules of Crazy Time are as followed;

The whole wheel is divided into 8 sections.

Some of these 8 sections are win multipliers , others contain one of the 4 main Mini Game’s. Crazy Time, Coin-flip, Pachinko and Cash Drop.

Bets can be placed on either one or all of the sections.
The amount you bet on each section can be different and its up to the player to choose how much is staked on each section.
The majority of the wheel contain values (Multipliers) rather than bonus games, x1 – 21, x2 – 14, x5 – 7, x10 – 4.
Of course, these values appear more often than the bonus game values.

Once the bets are accepted, the wheel will be spun and you will begin to play Crazy Time Online.

The wheel begins to spin, with the dealer building tension awaiting the outcome.
A multiplier is added to one random section of the wheel: either a number or a bonus game.
If the multiplier and the section are joined horizontally after the spin, then the multiplier is activated;
otherwise, the round goes without a bonus.

The spin then stops in a specific section. If this section is a multiplier and you have this covered, you will win the corresponding amount, if you hit a bonus round, the bonus round will begin!

Bonus Rounds during Crazy Time

Coin Flip

If the Coin Flip bonus round is activated then a coin will be displayed with a red side and a blue side. Both of these sides will be awarded with a random multiplier amount and then the tension will begin to build as the coin is about to be flipped by the machine.

With you literally having a 50/50 chance of winning either amount, the coin flip game can have you dancing in delight as you hit the big multiplier, or give you that classic head in hands moment as you contemplate on what could have been.

The good guys at Evolution Gaming have included a little failsafe into this bonus round, if the total prize is deemed to be too low than a rescue flip may take place. New multipliers will be generated and the coin will be flipped again.

Coin flip bonus in Crazy Time


When Pachinko is awarded from the wheel we will see the host of the game take a more active roll in this bonus. In the ever enthusiastic manner that we have become accustomed to when playing live casino games with Evolution, our trusty entertainer will embark upon a journey to the top of the Pachinko game.

Evolution really have pulled out all of the stops to make Crazy Time as exciting and as fun as possible. This is really demonstrated through the large Pachinko wall that is awash with physical pegs and bright lights, and of course completing the set up are the drop zones at the top of the game, and the landing zones at the bottom.

Our captivating host will now take centre stage as they are charged with releasing the puck down the giant Pachinko game, from a position that is indicated by a light that will stop randomly over one of the drop zones. Anticipation begins to build as the puck makes its way toward the landing zones that are populated with multipliers and doubles, bouncing from each peg as it does so.

If the puck comes to rest in one of the multiplier landing zones then your stake will be multiplied by that amount. The ideal situation though is for the puck to land in a zone marked double, this will cause all multiplier values to double and the puck will be released again. The game will continue until a multiplier value has been awarded, with the maximum value they are able to reach being capped at 10,000x.

A little bit of insurance has also been placed on the Pachinko bonus from Evolution Gaming. In case of a particularly low value prize a rescue drop may be initiated. This will see new multipliers generated, and the presenter will release a new puck starting the bonus round again.

Pachinko Crazy Time
Pachinko bonus in Crazy Time

Cash Hunt

108 positions occupied by multipliers, and a cannon! Tell me more already, tell me more!

Yes this is Cash Hunt where we get in on the action ourselves, and you read right the first time we get a cannon. Ok, it’s a virtual cannon but it’s still the first live casino game where the player directly interacts with the game and is awarded a prize through the choice that they make.

Cash Hunt definitely has that fairground feel to it as players are presented with a screen that consists of 108 multiplier values, with the maximum amount reaching 500x. These values are then mixed up and are covered with various symbols that you would associate with a carnival shooting game such as ducks, targets, and stars.

The fun part begins when you are given your own scope to control, you can move this around and select the symbol you would like to shoot. Once you have selected your target and pulled the trigger your prize will be revealed. You will also get to see what are behind the other targets as a tease, and a look of what you could have won scenario.

Cash Hunt Crazy Time
Cash Hunt Bonus in Crazy Time

Crazy Time

The daddy of all bonus rounds, the king of the jungle when it comes to cash, you get the picture. Crazy Time is the pinnacle of live casino bonuses and with up to 20,000x as a top prize this is a feature that can pack one hell of a punch! Marked upon the Crazy Time segment on the wheel is a key, and it is this key that will unlock the red door to reveal a virtual wheel that isn’t just huge, it’s gigantic. So much so that it contains 64 segments of sheer and utter craziness! We’re talking multiplier madness in a new dimension, and as if that wasn’t enough, some of the segments are given a double and triple value!

The star of this bonus feature is you! Yes, you’re in the limelight again but this time you have to choose the colour of your flapper with green, blue, or yellow being the choices that are available. Once your selection is made it’s time to hold on tight as the wheel begins to spin, did you make the right choice? Be sure to check out the percentage values that are displayed on each flapper so that you can see what colour other players decided to opt for.

When the wheel finally comes to a halt you will be awarded the prize that your flapper has stopped on. If it’s a double or triple then all multiplier values on the wheel will be doubled or tripled. The wheel will then be re-spun with all those players still active getting the chance to win even bigger prizes. The wheel can receive multiple re-spins through double and triple segments landing, until all multipliers have reached the limit of 20,000x.

Crazy Time bonus in Crazy Time


Before you play Crazy Time online, it’s important to know what the game can pay. The payouts you can receive from the wheel on Crazy Time are fairly straightforward to work out. The numbers on the wheel will pay as much as their value, so landing on the number 2 would be a 2:1 payout, whilst landing on the number 10 will see a reward of 10:1 paid out.

The Crazy Time bonus rounds carry their own impressive odds. Coin Flip has a maximum return of 500:1 whilst Cash Hunt boasts an impressive 500:1 return.  Pachinko and Crazy Time have the potential reach huge odds if doubles are continually hit. Pachinko carries odds of 10,000:1 max, whilst Crazy time is maxed out at 20,000x.

If the multiplier has been applied to the outcome that you have bet on, then your stake will first be multiplied by that amount.

We have put together a list of odds to help you understand the potential win odds when you land on each part of the Crazy Time wheel.

Crazy Time potential win odds
Odds of winning in Crazy Time

Crazy Time Winning Percentages

We used some probability calculations to determine your chances of winning and landing on each number or bonus round when you play Crazy Time Online.

Number 1 – 37%

Number 2 – 25.9%

Number 5 – 13%

Number 10 – 7.4%

Coin Flip – 7.4%

Pachinko – 3.7%

Cash hunt – 3.7%

Crazy Time – 1.85%

This means there is a whopping 16.6% chance of landing on a bonus round. The equivalent of a bonus EVERY 6 SPINS. The time you can expect to be involved in one of these entertaining bonus rounds along side the potential pay-out makes Crazy Time really special. This is even more exciting when you compare it to similar live casino games such as Monopoly Live where you can expect to be involved in a bonus round only 5.5% of the time.

Key Crazy Time Information

Some of the key game information which is important to note before playing Crazy Time online;

  • Maximum added multiplier – x50.
  • Maximum multiplication for 1 single bet: x20000. This is achievable when the Crazy Time bonus hits multiple double/triple functions
  • Stakes range from 0.1 GBP to 100 GBP

Crazy Time FAQ

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is the third game that has been made by industry giants Evolution Gaming in their series of live casino wheel games.

What is the RTP of Crazy Time?

Crazy Time has an RTP of 96.08% (Optimal).

What is the best bonus game on Crazy Time?

Whilst all of the bonus rounds are engaging and entertaining, the games with the highest potential are Pachinko and Crazy Time. This is because these particular games can theoretically produce a number of doubles before finally landing on a multiplier.

Are all of the bonus rounds on Crazy Time physical games? 

The bonus rounds Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Coin Flip are all physical games. Only Crazy Time is played out on a virtual wheel.

Can I play Crazy Time on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Crazy Time is optimised to perform effortlessly across desktop and all mobile devices.

How much does it cost to play Crazy Time?

Getting involved in the action can take place for as little as £0.10p, or up to a maximum of £1000. The value of the betting chips in the game comprise of the following amounts £.0.10, £0.50, £1, £5, £25, £100, £500, and £1000, so it is easy to structure your bets according to your overall bankroll.

Is Crazy Time Rigged? 

iTech labs who are industry leaders when in the testing of games in the Online gaming sector make sure Crazy time is regulated. They check to ensure the game presents a true representation of the odds displayed, along with complete fairness.

Furthermore to operate in the U.K. Evolution Gaming have to be licensed by the UK gambling commission. A set of specific conditions are put are in place for a provider to be able to obtain a license. Once granted strict rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times. Failure to comply would lead to severe penalties and the loss of an operating license within the U.K.

The UKGC are strongly considered to be a leader of compliance around the world what it comes to regulation in the gambling industry. Holding their license is a sign of trustworthiness and compliance

Is Crazy Time better than Monopoly Live?

This is open to opinion. Both games are similar in that they use a wheel spin to determine the winning outcome. However, there are more chances to enter a bonus game in Crazy time and multiplier variance is slightly higher than Monopoly Live. You can find yourself in a bonus round on Crazy time 15.5% of the time, compared to only 5.5% of the time on Monopoly Live.

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