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Crazy Time Strategy

We break down each Crazy Time strategy. Finding the optimum Betting and win strategy for Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming will not only give you more game play for your deposit, it will also maximise your chances of turning a profit.

The key to achieving this and your best possible route to success, is to trigger one of the four bonus rounds, as these are ultimately where the big money lies within the game.

As we have already discussed in our review, on average a bonus will be awarded on the wheel every 6 spins, so this gives you some indication and insight on how you can structure your betting strategy.

Obviously this doesn’t mean that on every 6th spin a bonus round will hit on the wheel, but there are options available to you that you can use with that statistic in mind.

Multiple strategies have been used since the game launched early 2020 and we walk through our favourite one by one below.


Crazy Time Wheel

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Watch & Wait Strategy

This could easily be classed as both a long game and a short game strategy, but those among you who love to really pit your wits against the wheel might enjoy it.

Games of all shapes and sizes run hot and cold, so we suggest that you use the history tab on the game and look at the last 60 spins of the wheel. From here you will be able to see how the average we mentioned is playing out in real time. 

If the bonuses are hitting more frequently than every 6 spins, then it would be considered a good strategy to structure your bets around the bonus segments every 3 to 4 spins, or whatever the current average may work out at.

Alternatively, if the average is above 6 then it would be wise to hold off for as long as you can and then place bets on each bonus segment. The latter certainly requires some patience, and if you can wait for a string of results where a bonus didn’t land for up to 10 or 15 spins, then this would be a strategy that could quite easily pay off.

The Martingale Strategy 

It would be impossible to talk about betting strategies on a wheel based game without mentioning the Martingale system. Whilst there are countless other techniques that players have used on games like Roulette, the Martingale is one of the most heard of, and used.

Bringing this strategy to the table in Crazy Time is going to require two things, a healthy sized playing balance, and nerves of steel!

This strategy requires you to place a bet on all 4 bonus segments, let’s say with a starting bet of £0.50 each, so a total bet of £2.

If a bonus lands on the wheel from this initial bet then you would play that out and start the process again. If however a bonus doesn’t land then you would need to double the amount that you stake on each bonus segment. This would mean a £1 stake across the 4 segments, which would equal a total bet of £4.

Another losing spin would mean that you would need to double up the bets again, so £2 on each with a total of £8 staked.

Continuing this strategy and working it out on the average of a bonus every 6 spins would equate to the following.

1st round – £0.50 on each segment: £2 staked – Total loss £2.

2nd round – £1 on each segment: £4 staked – Total 

running loss £6.

3rd round – £2 on each segment: £8 staked – Total running loss £14.

4th round – £4 on each segment: £16 staked – Total running loss £30.

5th round – £8 on each segment: £32 staked – Total running loss £62.

6th round – £16 on each segment: £64 staked – bonus won after a total of £126 staked.

You can see how this strategy can soon get very expensive and eat through your bankroll. It’s certainly not one for the faint hearted, especially if you start going 10+ spins without a bonus. But in our example above, and working only on the average of a bonus every 6 spins, you would be playing a bonus round with a stake of £16. This would mean that anything over 8x during the awarded bonus is a profit. 

Lower volatility playing strategy 

Arguably the best method and playing strategy for Crazy Time is to take a much more reserved and lower volatility approach. 

This kind of strategy will require you to spread your bets accordingly across the options that are available. So let us say that you are starting out with a £100 balance and you wanted to adopt this style of play.

As we know there are a total of 8 possibilities that you can bet on. They are of course 1, 2, 5, 10, and the 4 bonus rounds. 

Placing a total wager of £10 on each spin will give you a minimum of 10 games on Crazy Time with your bankroll of £100, so how is it best to stake the £10 each time.

We suggest that you cover a total of 3 bonus rounds, and two of the numbered values. This strategy would look like the following.

£2.50 staked on number 2 – 2:1 Pays

£2.50 staked on number 5 – 5:1 Pays

£2 staked on Coin Flip – 4 sections on the wheel

£2 staked on Cash hunt / or Pachinko – 2 sections on the wheel

£1 staked on Crazy Time – 1 section on the wheel

This betting structure gives you a fairly comprehensive covering of the wheel, in fact 28 segments of the possible 54 are covered by this bet, with a minimum of £5 returned if you are to win. 

The bigger picture with this bet is that whilst you may be winning less than you stake, you will have 3 of the 4 bonus rounds covered on each spin. Preserving your balance for the longest amount of time possible so that you can trigger a bonus round is the overall goal.

You would have to be quite unlucky to hit 10 losing spins with the above strategy. It is also possible that the 5 will land to pay you a profit, as well as any of the bonuses that would also see you rewarded with more than your initial stake.

To adjust the volatility of this playing style you could opt to cover all bonus rounds and play less of the numbers. Or swap the number 2 for the number 1, which would mean that even more positions on the wheel are covered by your bets.

We know the importance of getting a strategy correct,   that’s why we have broken down the win percentages for you to look at. But we have gone that one step further so you can totally optimise your play and chances of winning.

Head on over to the exclusive Crazy Time calculator, input what you’d like to bet on and our unique tool will tell you what your chances are of winning. 

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